If you've always wondered how to get Miranda Lambert's look without breaking the bank; you may just be in luck (no, she isn't sending you off to the mall on a shopping spree with her personal credit card).
The award-winning country star recently launched a personal style page on the fashion website, boutiques.com, which includes some of her favorite clothing pieces (and lots of high-heeled shoes!)

“Although most of my time is spent in jeans and a T-shirt, on occasion I love to get dressed up,” Lambert writes on her website in regards to her look. “Whether it’s for red carpet events or a performance out on the road, I love to mix my girly side with my more rock ‘n’ roll side.”

“You can get ideas for your look, take a style quiz, make comments and check out who wore what recently, including yours truly,” she adds about her personalized page.

via Miranda Lambert Debuts Online Style Boutique - Taste of Country.

Do you like Miranda's girly rock n' roll style? What's your favorite item on her personalized fashion page? Leave your comments below!