It seems that almost every country has jumped on board with their own version of "____________'s Got Talent."  Just fill in the blank with any country. 

There's even a "Mongolia's Got Talent."  Doesn't all this money somehow channel it's way back into the pockets of the concept's originator, Simon Cowell?

Anyway, contestant O.Enkh-Erdene not only wowed the judges with his audition performance, but I believe he ended up winning the championship several weeks later.  For his audition performance, the Mongolian crooner picked a country standard by George Strait - 'Amarillo By Morning'.  Take a little Scotty McCreery, a little George Strait, a lot of mispronounced words, but a great overall country voice and you have an awesome version of the song.   You can tell the judges and audience are very impressed with his vocal talent, but perhaps a little lost on the song.

How do you think he did?

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