We all know that there are so many "National Days". In addition to ones like Christmas, New Years, etc. there are days like "Talk Like A Pirate Day" or "National Pie Day". Lots of these days are aimed at kids, to make their year more interesting.

But there's one day coming up in mid-December for parents. That day is "National Barbie And Barney Backlash Day". If you ARE NOT a fan of either one of these childhood icons, then this day is for you.

On December 16th - for one day -  you are supposedly allowed to deny the existence of one or both of these. I can only assume that this day was created to give parents a break from all of the purple dinosaur's sing-a-longs and all of the Barbie stories that have been made into movies aimed at children.

We didn't even want to use real photos of the two.
We didn't even want to use real photos of the two.

I was never a fan of either of these, so "National Barbie And Barney Backlash Day" does not hurt my feelings in the least bit. However, I could see where this day might step on a few parents' toes. I can hear it now: "How dare you tell a child that the huge, purple, singing dinosaur isn't real?!" Or, "If they want to believe that the plastic doll becomes real, who are you to tell them otherwise?!"

As for me, I think I'll just stick to Toy Story. Remember, "National Barbie And Barney Backlash Day" is December 16th!

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