The 17th Annual City of Lufkin 4th of July Fireworks Extravaganza presented by Mike Love & Associates will be coming up Monday at Ellen Trout Park in Lufkin. This event is billed as the biggest and best fireworks display between Dallas and Houston.

If you have attended this free event in the past, then you should be familiar with the various attractions and activities that will once again take place for the 17th annual extravaganza.  However, this year, there is an added event at the George H. Henderson Jr., Expo Center.  This multi-artist concert will begin at 10 a.m. and feature local acts along with the Back in Black, which is an AC/DC tribute band.  Get more details on the 4th Fest Concert here. Exile originally was scheduled to play, but that portion of the show has been canceled.

So...let's run down some of the questions you may have:

  • Q: Is there a charge for the concert at the Expo Center?
  • A: Yes. Adult tickets are $10/each, Kids 17 & under are $5/each
  • Q: Is there a charge for entry at Ellen Trout Park to see the fireworks?
  • A: No, the Fireworks Extravaganza remains a FREE event.
  • Q: What artists are playing at the Expo Center Concert?
  • A: Tilley & Alpha, Joe Cuellar Band, Johnny Riley, Spiral Eye, Jackson Pigg, and Back in Black.
  • Q: Will the Expo Center Concert take place inside the main Expo Center building?
  • A: No. A large covered outdoor stage will be set up in the parking area located behind the Expo Center and to the west of the barn pavilions. The red X marks the spot on the picture below.
Google Maps
Google Maps
  • Q: Will the parking lot on both sides of the Expo be open?
  • A: Yes, both will be open.
  • Q: Where will the people need to walk in for the paid concert?
  • A: The MLK entry gate on the zoo side of the Expo grounds is the only access for the concert.
  • Q: Since the concert will not be inside the Expo Center, will concessions be available?
  • A: Yes, several food trucks such as 58 Junction, TNT Smokehouse, Tasty Jax, Texas Shaved Ice, and Rhodes Backyard BBQ will be on hand.
  • Q: Will you be able to leave the concert and then return to the concert later?
  • A: Yes, armbands will allow you to do this.
  • Q: What items will/will not be allowed to be brought into the concert grounds
  • A: See the full list of items on the concert's website
  • Q: What time will vendors start selling food and items at Ellen Trout Park?
  • A:  4 p.m., although some may start selling before then.
  • Q: What time will vehicle entry into Ellen Trout Park be cut off?
  • A: 4 p.m. sharp. If you have parked your vehicle on the park grounds earlier in the day, it is advised that you move your vehicle to the Expo Center parking before 3 p.m.Vehicles that are parked in the way of vendors and/or that are not authorized to be inside the park grounds risk being towed.
  • Q: Will there be live music at Ellen Trout Park?
  • A: Yes, free live music will begin lakeside around 6 p.m. Sam Shupak, Bryan Harkness, and The Steve Murray Band will be performing.  Steve Murray was the lead singer for Perfect Stranger.
  • Q: Will the Ellen Trout Zoo be open?  What about the Z&OO Railroad?
  • A:  Both will be running their normal hours.
  • Q: Will shuttle buses be running again this year?
  • A:  Free shuttle buses will be offered again boarding at Lufkin High School. They will run between 5-8 p.m. and then following the fireworks.
  • Q:  What is allowed/not allowed at Ellen Trout Park?
  • A: Low lawn chairs, blankets, and coolers are welcome while alcoholic beverages, glass, tobacco products, fireworks, and pets are not permitted. Lufkin Police will be checking at all entry locations as well as patrolling the grounds.
  • Q:  Will Loop 287 be closed to traffic?
  • A: Yes, beginning at 8 p.m. all access to the north portion of Loop 287 will be closed, so arrange your timing appropriately if you plan on parking on the shoulder of the Loop to view the fireworks. The Loop will be closed to traffic from the Highway 59/Loop 287 interchange to the Highway 69/Loop 287 interchange.  Once outgoing traffic following the fireworks has substantially lessened, then access to that section of Loop 287 will return to normal
  • Q: What if I'm attending the Expo Center concert and want to leave the parking lot after 8 p.m?
  • A: Sorry, you won't be allowed to leave.  Stay and enjoy the music and fireworks.
  • Q: What time will the fireworks start?
  • A: They usually get underway between 9:20-9:30, and last between 20-25 minutes.
  • Q: Where are the best places to view the fireworks?
  • A: Without question, the best viewing spot is inside the park grounds around Ellen Trout Lake. Quite a few low-level fireworks are fired during the extravaganza, and these can only be seen from the park.  It's still a great sight to see however from many other vantage points along Loop 287 North or on some of the side streets near the Loop.  As always, be aware of your surroundings and do not trespass on people's property.
  • Q: Is there music that goes along with the fireworks display?
  • A: Yes, the official choreographed music will be on KICKS 105 radio (105.1FM).  Try your best to listen to the on-air broadcast.  If you stream the music on your phone or another smart device, the music will be around 60 seconds delayed.

Angelina County as well as the City of Lufkin are both under burn bans.  The danger of fires starting from fireworks is elevated, as a result, Lufkin Fire Chief Jesse Moody is asking residents to refrain from shooting off their own fireworks and attend the City of Lufkin's display.  Numerous fire personnel will be on hand at the event to ensure all is safe.

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