Something is afoot near the Walmart in Lufkin Tx!
It seems that we have all sorts of construction going on in our area. I mean, there's ALWAYS road construction of some sort, but there's also a lot of building construction going on.

As I was taking a lunch break, my coworker and I found ourselves on Whitehouse Drive in Lufkin, between Cracker Barrel and Walmart. As we stopped at the red light, we noticed that there was some new construction going on. It appears to be a rather small building, and seems to have an odd shape. I didn't see a "Coming Soon" sign, or anything of that nature, so this is still a mystery to me. Check it out for yourself. *NOTE: Sorry for the poor picture-quality. I was trying to get a coupld of pictures before it was too late...* **DOUBLE NOTE: I was not the driver when these were taken.**

Construction 1
Construction 2

My coworker joked that it could be on of those photo kiosks. You know, like the ones that are now - allegedly - extinct, thanks to digital photography. Even though he was joking, maybe his joke wasn't that far off. I mean, we've seen "vintage" things come back into style, right?

Personally, I think it's a...actually, I have no idea what I think it is. Like I said before, it's on Whitehouse Drive in Lufkin, over by Walmart. Since it's so close to Starbucks, I'm doubtful that it's a new coffee shop. Other than that, I'm out of legitimate guesses.

If you have any inside information on what this new building is going to be, sound off in the comments below. Or, if you just want to get your guess out there for all the world to see, you can sound off in the comments as well.

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