Over the past few years, we've seen the number of stores in the University Mall in Nacogdoches drop dramatically. Before last year, it still had a couple of large retail stores as anchor stores. These two were Belk and JC Penney.

Then last year, JC Penney shut down the Nacogdoches location, as one of the 138 store closings across the nation. That closure left the University Mall with Belk, Hibbett Sports, Bath & Body Works, Citi Trends, and a few other small shops.

However, now people are questioning what's going on at the University Mall once again.

Someone that I know came up to me the other day after visiting Belk, and said they weren't sure about what to think about what they saw. They said that while they were in there, it seemed that EVERYTHING was on sale, and that the workers that were in there seemed to just be shuffling things around, and consolidating other items.

As a current resident of Nacogdoches, and someone that has been visiting that mall - literally - my entire life, this does not look good to me. As a town that is home to a state university, I think that a mall is a welcome part of the community, and not just for shopping purposes. Think of the jobs for the students and non-students across Nacogdoches. Plus, it would help out the local economy tremendously, if it was successful. Plus, I personally want the mall to be successful. You never really want to see your own town fail, you know?

In case you couldn't tell, I'm now curious. What is going on at the mall in Nacogdoches? Are we just looking too deep into this? Perhaps Belk is just getting ready to update that store. If you have any insight into this, let us know in the comment section below.


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