Plumbing issues.

That's the official word from the offices of Walmart as to why they are shutting down several stores nationwide for a period of at least 6 months.  The repairs may take longer, but according to reports the goal is to be open by Black Friday. 

Walmart Supercenter locations in Brandon, Florida, Tulsa, Oklahoma, Midland, Texas, and right here in East Texas at the Livingston location are set to be shuttered for a while.  Some employees that can are allowed to transfer to other locations, others that qualify can get a severance package.  But, for the most part, hundreds of employees at each of these Walmarts will need to find a new source of income.

Many employees and residents are raising questions about the timing and the reasons given for the closures.  Many have taken to social media to express their opinions that plumbing problems are not the true root issues for the shutdowns. While some believe that the entire truth is not being revealed, there are some certainties -- this will lead to an economic hit on those losing their jobs and there will be an economic upswing for other grocery and department stores in those cities.