It's official! 1,000 people in East Texas have spoken, and now the beautiful white lion cub has a name. Want to meet him in person? 

Celia K Falzone

Just got an email from the Ellen Trout Zoo Director Gordon Henley that sums it up very succinctly.

Our white African lion cub has a name! Wow, a thousand votes came pouring in really quickly. Ashur, meaning precious,  won the online vote yesterday! Thank you to everyone who voted. The vote was very close between all the name options. Ashur won with 216 votes which is about 19% of the total votes. Ashur is with his mom and doing very well. As soon as the pride comes together, (Ashur, Adia and Mashaka) he will make his public debut.

Proud Mother With Ashur

Seems like a very short statement, but I am reading between the lines. I vividly remember getting to see Ashur's big brother Sango, for the first time. Now yet again, as soon as animaly possible the entire pride comes together, they will be able to be seen in public. This will be a once in a lifetime opportunity to see the cub first hand. Just know that we will keep you informed about when this will all go down! Can't wait!