From short sleeves to heated blankets in just a few hours, in East Texas that's nothing new this time of year.  So, let's take a look at some of our weather questions concerning timing.

When is the cold front going to get here?

Basically, now, at least the first one.  As of this writing at 3 pm, the leading edge of the cold front was reaching Cherokee and Houston counties.  The temperatures will drop to near 60 by 7 pm.  BUT, a stronger blast of colder weather will arrive tomorrow.  After an overnight low of 50, we will only reach a high of 53 on Wednesday, and then we'll drop to near freezing late Wednesday night.

What about the storms and rainy weather?

The best chances of rain will happen this afternoon and evening, then again around mid-morning on Wednesday.  The highest probability for thunderstorms will happen between 6 am and noon on Wednesday, but a few storms may pop up this evening.  A strong or even severe storm with gusty winds could happen, but that should be the exception rather than the rule.

Is it going to snow?

Maybe.  Late Wednesday night/early Thursday morning around 3-6 am, temperatures will be close to freezing.  This may lead to some freezing rain or drizzle.  A few pockets of light snow can't be ruled out. However, no accumulations are expected and travel problems are not anticipated.

With that being said, The Lufkin District of TxDOT has already started pre-treating roadways throughout the nine-county district including specific areas such as elevated structures and bridges, and pavement with the potential to freeze in our northern counties. Motorists are asked to stay alert for this moving work zone and allow them room to work through these travel lanes that are prone to freeze. Reduce speed in winter weather conditions and be alert for frozen patches in rural areas.

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