There are several necessities that you'll need to take to the big Lufkin vs Longview football game this Saturday afternoon in Nacogdoches.  

Of course, one of those is LOTS OF PURPLE!  Clothes, face paint, poms...wear as much purple as you can.  Another is lots of patience, whether looking for a parking spot or leaving after the game is over.  Up to 30,000 fans from Lufkin and that green place up north are expected to descend upon Stephen F. Austin State University.

Oh yeah, did I mention that SFA is still in session before next weekend's graduation.  So dorm residents will still be taking up some of the possible parking.  Plus, the SFA Lumberjack Basketball team will be hosting Rice University for a 2 p.m. tipoff on Saturday.  That's another 2,000-4,000 fans that'll be using that commuter parking lot between Homer Bryce Stadium and William R. Johnson Coliseum.

So, with all these cars and bodies descending upon SFA Saturday, here's some advice on parking and few other things:

  • Get to the venue before noon.  Even then, parking may be a headache, but, at least you'll have the time to try several options to find a spot, plus, you'll have time to make what could be a long walk to the stadium.
  • If the commuter lots surrounding the stadium are already full, try the 4 parking garages on the SFA campus, starting with the closest to the stadium, which would be the Aikman Garage at College and Raguet.  (map here)  There is no charge to park in the garages and there shouldn't be any restrictions with the exception of the Student Center Garage.
  • Here is another map of the SFA Campus.  You may be able to discover a few more parking areas with this one (you may need a magnifying glass to read this map)
  • Many will do some makeshift parking along University Drive.  Parking just beyond the curb in the grass on the east side of University Drive is usually discouraged, but the Nacogdoches Police have no intentions of towing anyone from that region unless it's clearly marked as a no parking/towing zone.
  • Bring sunscreen and a jacket.  The forecast high is about 62, but it should be very sunny.  Lufkin fans will be sitting on the press box side.  This means that the sun should bathe the Lufkin side of the stands until about 3 or so. After that, the press box will begin to shadow the setting sun and the Lufkin fans will be in the cooler shade for the late afternoon.
  • Go into the day knowing that it will be a chaotic time finding parking and then getting out from where you parked.  Accept and embrace that, and concentrate on the fact that you'll be taking in one of the biggest football games Deep East Texas has ever seen.

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