On this day, 16 years ago, there was an event that shook us as a nation. That was the day of the STS-107 Space Shuttle Columbia Disaster. Seven people never made it home that day.

Where were you?

I can remember pretty vividly where I was. I was on my way to College Station with my mom to visit my grandparents. We actually saw the space shuttle go streaking across the sky. Of course, at that time, we didn't know what it was.

It wasn't until we stopped in San Augustine at my aunt and uncle's house, that we found out what we had seen. As we watched on the news, we got answers to our questions.

The space shuttle broke into pieces that were scattered all over our part of the world. This would cause East Texas to become the focal point of the world news. And I remember all of it.

I can remember meeting tons of FBI Agents, Astronauts, Law Enforcement Officers, Military Personnel, and volunteers that were all converging on the area for the recovery effort. I remember our nation coming together for this. It was a pretty eye-opening experience for an elementary-age kid. That was a day - and a pretty long time afterwards - that I won't ever forget.

So, where were you on February 1, 2003?

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