We've seen these types of people before. I'm talking about the people that can't find their way between the bright lines to park. Sometimes, you want to look at these people and ask, "What is wrong with you?"

There are times when it seems that maybe they were in a hurry, so that were parked crooked, or maybe a bit over the line. Either way, it's usually something that could be easily corrected.

Sometimes, people miss the parking spots altogether. This was one of those times. My coworker and I were heading to lunch in Lufkin one day. We were stopped at an intersection for a red light. I looked over and this is what I saw:

Mark Cunningham
Mark Cunningham

Now, let's think about this for a moment...you're one of only four cars in the parking lot, and none of the other are within eight or more spaces of you. If you need a handicapped space, there are two on either side of you. You are parked in the unloading zone of said parking spaces. And finally, THERE ARE BIG DIAGONAL LINES ACROSS THE SPOT THAT YOU'RE PARKED IN. Yes, they are a tad bit faded, but they are still very visible.

The fact that they parked EXACTLY in the middle of the space tells me that their aim isn't too bad. But, I think the thing that is most implied here is the fact that...They. Do. Not. Care.

"Eh, I parked here, so I'm staying here." Or maybe, "I do what I want." That inner conversation really could've gone a thousand different ways.

So, if this picture is you, please change your ways and park correctly. It makes life easier on the rest of us. If it's not you, but you park like this also, please change your ways and park correctly. If this isn't you and you don't park like this, please tell others to change their ways and park correctly. Are you catching onto the common theme here? No?


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