Chili’s Supporting Local Teacher Battling Cancer
Candi Procell, mother of 6 beautiful children, and teacher at Central ISD for the past 13 years was diagnosed in late April with cervical cancer.  Thankfully, it looks as though the cancer is contained to the tumor, however, medical expenses are mounting.
Help! – Poison Ivy Itching Remedies Needed
Last weekend, I armed myself with an electric pole saw, axe, hatchet, and pruning shears and set forth to take down a tree that was already leaning beyond halfway to the ground.  The good news is I got the tree to the ground...the bad news, well, you see the picture (sorry if it grosses you out…
9th Annual Women in Red Luncheon Set for Thursday
Jane Jenkins Herlong will be the guest motivational speaker at the 9th annual Women in Red Luncheon which is coming up this Thursday from 11:30-1 at the Pitser Garrison Civic Center in Lufkin.  The event is once again being presented by Woodland Heights Medical Center.
Ray Price’s Cancer Is in Remission
Legendary country star Ray Price has been battling pancreatic cancer, but there's good news for the veteran entertainer. The 87-year-old singer has announced that his cancer is in remission, and he will be undergoing physical therapy as the next phase of his treatment.
The Flu Roughs Up KICKS 105’s Danny Merrell
With apologies to Taylor Swift, I am never, ever, ever going through a flu season without getting a flu shot.  I just spent the last week or so trying to overcome this year's dreaded influenza, and it hasn't been pretty.
Massage Robot On Wheels Could Disrupt Massage Industry, Or Not
Robot technology is often spectacular when's it's on full display, like the Mars rover, military drones and the Roomba. These incredible machines often complete tasks that humans can only hope to achieve. One company is putting robotic technology to its best use yet: providing automated ma…

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