Working at the radio station can lead to some busy days, and sometimes, we only have about 10 minutes to spare during lunch to go get food. When you're on a budget, it can be challenging trying to find a good meal that will cost you less than $10.
Does this sound like a familiar workplace environment to you? 

Since our building is located in Lufkin, we came up with a list of five cheap places to eat in town. Review the list and tell us, what are some of your favorite cheap eats places? 

#1) Ray's Drive-In

With two locations in Lufkin, Ray's is famous for its delicious burgers and old-fashioned drive-in atmosphere. 

Although it's not a "drive-thru" restaurant like other chains, you can still enjoy some speedy service, or just kick back and enjoy a break from the office while listening to Kicks105 on the radio in your car. 

Ray's Drive-In offers a variety of typical fast-food burger joints, like fish baskets, onion rings, milkshakes, cheeseburger and hamburger specials and of course, natural-cut fries.

#2) Taco Casa

With the close location to our office, great flavors and inexpensive prices and specials, Taco Casa is an employee favorite here at the station. 

They have great deals every day, and offer a variety of mexican favorites on the menu including super nachos, burritos, tacos, salads and tostadas. 

It's a  good place to try if you're craving some good mexican food and only have a few bucks to spare.

#3) Bryan's Smokehouse

If you're craving good barbecue food, go to Bryan's Smokehouse on Timberland Dr. They have daily lunch specials, and they're known for their incredible ribs. 

Other delicious items include traditional barbecue food such as chicken, pulled pork, sausage, beans, potato salad and rolls. 

The atmosphere is fun, as it captures old memorabilia like signed photos of music celebrities who have dined there and has a great country western look to compliment the food. 

#4) The Donut Palace

 Running late to work and didn't have time to grab a bite to eat at home? 

The Donut Palace has a great selection of coffee, muffins, donuts, cinnamon rolls, cake donuts, fritters and everyone's favorite, kolaches (regular or jalapeno). 

The donuts are around 50 cents to a dollar, so getting two or three items won't break your wallet. 

They open as early as 4:30am, and close around noon, so if you're craving a sweet treat, make sure you go there before lunchtime.

#5) Cici's Pizza

This national all-you-can-eat pizza chain is around $5,99 per person for the lunch buffet, which includes pizza, pasta, salad, breadsticks and desserts (not including your drink). 

There are a variety of selections and flavors, so you'll be able to find something to eat, no matter what your tastebuds are craving.