The new album from Roger Creager is finally ready to hit the streets! "Road Show" be "dropping" (as the kids say) Tuesday, July 22nd. I've had the honor of being able to listen to this great new album for several weeks now so that I can review it here for you. Now YOU get the amazing opportunity to get a quick listen to each of the amazing, new tracks too! Pre-order, or purchase, "Road Show" NOW, HERE, if that's something you're in to. A huge thank you to Roger, and Kallie Gaston Torres, for making this happen. Happy Birthday Creager!

  • 1

    The Cowboy Gypsy Hillbilly Road Show

    This song JUMPS out of the gate! A fun, sing-along song that you feel like you already know. I feel like Roger will be opening shows with this one! The "Road Show" begins....

  • 2

    Where The Gringos Don't Go

    Let's head south of the border, "kissing sweet tequila off your lips". Damn that's hot Mr. Creager. I want to be on a beach in Mexico with a cold beer, and a lady on my arm, "where the gringos don't go".

  • 3

    River Song

    Where has "River Song" been our whole lives?! It's about time right?! This song is a new Creager anthem. "Raise a cold can"? Yes please! Sing loud now!

  • 4

    Different Than I'm Feeling Right Now

    Roger channels the Damn Quails a little bit here. Coolness ooozes from this song. Great south Louisiana horns float throughout. Bourbon St. anyone? Let's go!

  • 5

    I Love You When I'm Drunk

    Even though the title might not give it away, "I Love You When I'm Drunk" is a heartfelt song that I can personally relate to. This is what I'm looking for when I listen to music. Is this real? Hell yes it is!

  • 6

    Forever In Your Eyes

    Roger sings with such conviction and emotion that you immediately believe that this actually happened to him. He's always been a great ballad singer, and this is an instant classic.

  • 7

    Little Bit Of Them All

    I love the Hammond B3 organ! Let's finish the "Road Show" by being brought into the Creager fold. This is truth in the best way. This song is WHO Roger Creager really is. Now that you've heard the songs, go get a copy or 10 of "Road Show".