Looking for something fun, unique, over-the-top or romantic to do with your Valentine this year?

Here's a blog written by Don Diebel with a list of 17 date ideas for Valentine's Day.

Which one is your favorite?

Here are five of the ideas; click on the link to see all 17 of them:

This week I want to pass along to you some unique dating ideas to make a great impression on women:

1. AMUSEMENT PARKS - This really makes for a fun date, especially if you both enjoy thrill-seeking rides such as roller coasters, etc. Also, don’t forget to try and win her a teddy bear or other keepsake.

2. BALLOON RIDES - I am referring to hot-air balloon rides. This is a breath-taking experience you both will never forget. It’s very romantic and some rides even come with champagne.

3. BOAT RENTAL - This makes for a unique experience and it’s so relaxing and enjoyable. You can charter a boat with captain and crew or rent a powerboat for skiing, fishing, or just for cruising.

4. CAMPING - What a great way to enjoy the great outdoors! Things really get cozy and romantic sitting in front of an open fire! This is sure to melt her heart and make her want to share your sleeping bar.

5. CARRIAGE RIDES - This is one of the ultimate romantic experiences. Just you and your lover or date in a horse-drawn carriage enjoying the scenery.

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