September always feels like a time of transition. The days we traditionally think of as "summer" have passed and the kids are all back in school. However, it's still technically summer until we reach the autumnal equinox on September 23 this year. So, yeah it feels like a bridge between seasons--especially with as warm as it still is in East Texas until we reach the glory that is October and November. (Can you tell I love autumn?) :)

So we might as well embrace this time and treat it as a time of transition, fall cleaning, and preparation for the upcoming busier holiday season (which will be here before most of us are even ready for it.) What are some ways we can "be here now" in the in-between season?

Interestingly, September has been celebrated in cultures in the past as the beginning of a new year actually. It's hard for us to imagine, since we been taught to view January as the New Year in our own culture--and I'm good with that. However, it is interesting to ponder. Maybe this could be a time to set some September resolutions? Maybe a reboot of the ones you set early this year but maybe haven't been able to focus on as readily as you'd like? Start afresh now.

Take some time to go camping before it gets really cold. We have some neat places around East Texas to make this simple, but fun way to enjoy the outdoors.

Watch football, duh. ;)

Surprise your wife or significant other with autumn-scented candles. Trust me on this.

I also love the idea of hosting one last cookout of the summer. The heat will be diminishing a bit in the next couple of weeks (hopefully,) so it may be the best one you've had all summer long. End the season on a high note, invite your friends, and enjoy one last big summer hurrah before we move into the cooler months.

Spend some time on your fall cleaning endeavors--make it fun. I know, for some of us who feel like all we're ever doing is cleaning, this may sound like drudgery. But it doesn't have to be. Make it more like a ritual of bringing order and transitioning over to autumn by bringing order, starting to refresh the clothes in your closet, or whatever needs to be tended to at your house. What about outside? What could you get done now while the weather is still temperate that will make the colder months spent relaxing more enjoyable? Put on some music you like and have fun with it. Why not?

When the autumnal equinox does roll around, why not host a get together for friends and family to celebrate? Heck, guys can do this, too so don't think I'm only talking to women. Men are some of the best entertainers and know how to make things lots of fun--not to mention they are some of the best chefs around. Center it around football, if you'd like. Just have fun with it. Make sure you serve some kind of apple cider drink, for bonus points with the women.

Really want to get ahead? Why not go ahead and work on those holiday lists and maybe even purchasing some gifts so you're not running around like a lunatic in December--like I always end up doing?

How you do it is up to you. However, I love September for the very reason that it provide a bit of a buffer between the high seasons of summer and the coming holidays, so enjoy it.


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