With the exception of a few schools, most of the schools in our area have started their 2018-19 year. Something to keep in mind is that the teachers are under just as much stress as the students in their classes. With that being said, here's a short - but very useful - list of comments to avoid when talking to the teachers.

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    "You're basically a babysitter."

    Let's start this list off with a very big one. Teachers are not babysitters, and they should not be considered as such. They are educators, who are there for the purpose of getting children to the next level in life.

  • Dan Kitwood/Getty Images
    Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

    "You should be good to go after a summer of doing nothing."

    Another phrase that is incorrect. Teachers do get a summer break, but much of that time is spent prepping for the upcoming school year. Conferences, lesson plans, decorating the room, buying supplies and organizing them, etc. That's a whole bunch of "nothing".

  • sweetrevlation, Flickr
    sweetrevlation, Flickr

    "I told my child they didn't have to follow your rule about [fill in blank]."

    Talk about setting your kid up for failure, and causing them to not respect authority. In the classroom the teacher is in charge. And - with the exception of some off-the-wall stuff - the things that I've heard parents use this phrase on before are pretty petty.

  • Getty Images/iStockphoto
    Getty Images/iStockphoto

    "We didn't review anything over the break. That's your job."

    Oh really? So, you expect your kid to be out of classroom for two to three months and pick right up where they left off? And you wonder why they're so far behind...

  • kilarin, Flickr
    kilarin, Flickr

    "Your job is easy."

    And, we'll end this little list with the wrecking ball. If it was easy, there wouldn't be a shortage of educators would there? So before you throw this little, 'gem' out there, just remember: These people are CHOOSING to put up with your kids for a minimum of eight hours each day, to make sure that the kids are prepared for wherever life takes them next.

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