Remember that time that we posted the article about possibilities of what could move into downtown Nacogdoches? If you don't, it was a list of 5 Things That Should Be In Downtown Nacogdoches. Now, for those of you that are ready to move on, here we go with a list of things that SHOULD NOT make their way into Nacogodches - downtown, uptown, etc - just don't let them in.


  • Akira Ohgaki, Flickr
    Akira Ohgaki, Flickr

    Beauty Supply Megastores

    There's already a big one in Lufkin on the loop. Plus, you can buy supplies at Walmart, Belk, Stage, etc. That should be enough.

  • Getty Images/iStockphoto
    Getty Images/iStockphoto

    Vegetarian Stores

    Why would you have an entire store dedicated to being "anti-meat"?

  • Bradley Newman, Flickr
    Bradley Newman, Flickr

    Chuck E. Cheese's

    This is one that I frequented as a child. Looking back now, I realize how scary a life-size rat hanging out with families in an arcade handing out pizza and prizes is. For the record, a Dave & Busters would be alright.

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    ANOTHER Donut Shop

    I think we've reached our max, right? I mean, 10 seems a bit excessive...

  • Getty Images
    Getty Images

    More Fast Food

    More eat-in restaurants? Alright. More drive-thru places? Nope.

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