If you want to see some great movies while they are still in theaters, but can't justify the price, there is a deal going on out our local AMC theaters.

If you go to the AMC website and join the AMC Stubs Clubs. The Insider level is free, and you still get the $5 Tuesdays, and then you will get notification on exclusive deals, specials, and offers.

Movie theater
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I tried to sign up, but didn't have any success. Seems like the form to sign up is not working, when you try to pick your theater, it just never selects. So if that happens to you, just switch browsers, and make sure you let them access your location if you get a pop-up. Also know that the discounts only apply to the box office, so you will have to go up to the theater to get your tickets.

So if you are not aposed to going to see a movie on a school night, or right after school, this might be a good deal for you. I know that when I spend less on tickets, that translates into me being more likely to get some popcorn and drinks. That's imperative when a movie is over two hours long.

Let us know if you get to register, or if the form is working so we can get in on this action too.



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