This gives a whole new meaning to "that baby is so cute, I could just eat them up!"

In case you don't know, I don't have children. I love kids, but the hubs and I are not at a point where we are ready to have one living with us permanently. However, we do have a general idea of what we want to name our kids should we be so fortunate to have them in the future. We like classic names and names that come from our family history.

A.k.a. not trendy names... or tasty names for that matter.

Recently, BabyCenter (a parenting and pregnancy digital resource) released the biggest names for babies in 2018. These were general names and found Jackson and Sophia at the top of the male and female lists. Their data also revealed another trend among millennial parents...

Healthy food.

There was an increase in food names in 2018 and it sound like the parents are on a tremendous health kick. Each name below saw, at the very least, a 15 percent increase in popularity. Some increased as much as 35 or 40 percent.

Here are the top food names for babies in 2018...

Kiwi - up 40 percent
Kale - up 35 percent
Maple - up 32 percent
Saffron - up 31 percent
Rosemary - up 20 percent
Sage - up 15 percent
Clementine - up 15 percent

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