Texas Rangers shortstop Elvis Andrus became a father last summer, so the off season has been full of spit up, late-night feedings, and smelly diaper changes.  Glamorous!  But Rangers fans can be excited knowing that Elvis expects fatherhood to make him an even better player this season.

Elvis Emilio Andrus-Febles was born July 6th to Elvis Andrus and his wife Cori.  The Dallas Morning News said Emilio was Elvis's late father's name, and that's what Elvis scratches into the dirt before every game.  Elvis comes from a close-knit family, and he thinks that family bond will help propel him to more greatness now that he's a father.

NBC 5 in Dallas talked to Elvis about the ways that fatherhood has changed him, and he said  "I'm finally able to go home and forget about my at bats, forget about if I didn't make a swing, or if I struck out with the bases loaded...Going home and disconnecting from the reality of baseball at that moment is huge because you can concentrate on something else. Your body can feel it and your mind can relax. And as soon as I go back to the field the next day, you feel fresh."

Can a baby help with back spasms?  Elvis has been dealing with that this week at spring training, and he's been held out of some workouts out of caution since it's so early in the season.  The Rangers are just starting to play Cactus League games, with the Cubs and Rockies on the schedule this weekend.

Elvis has about a month to get his back all healed up, and then it will be time for the Rangers' Opening Day Game against the World Series Champion Astros.  And if he strikes out with the bases loaded that day, well, at least he'll have little Elvis Emilio to take his mind off of it.  Elvis Emilio likes triples and double plays too, right?  Even better.


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