Sometimes meeting Santa doesn't go as planned. You have your kids dressed to impress, you need the Christmas card to look good this year since you forgot to send one out last year. Don't forget, even the jolliest sweetest man can send our toddlers into full-on "Nope Mode". Even the sweetest, happiest babies get to the point where they just want mommy and daddy to save them from the scary bearded man. We understand the frustration of paying to get your kids photo taken with Santa only for them to ruin the photo. Do you get your money back if your kid ruins their photos with Santa? If you experienced your kid showing off their meltdown skills in front of Santa, don't hide the photos, share them with us!

Clearly, the fear of Santa is real, and it’s extra strong this year. Forgive us, we can’t stop laughing at the station, but come on, these are hilarious! Post your Santa fail photo in the comments below!

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