Just a few days after we posted the warnings about bacteria levels at some beaches at the Gulf, a man has died from a flesh-eating infection.  See why it may have been preventable.

Usually when you get a new tattoo, you get instructions not to swim in open water for two weeks afterward.  The 31-year old man who died, went swimming in the Gulf five days after he got the tattoo, according to Fox 26 in Houston.

He got a fever and chills shortly after that, and by the time he was admitted to the hospital, his right calf had turned purple and was swollen, and that was the spot where he had gotten the tattoo a few days earlier.

The Metro reports that within 24 hours after being admitted, he was on life-support with organ failure, and two weeks later his kidneys failed and he passed away.  The Metro also said doctors think years of alcohol abuse left him susceptible to vibriosis infection and septic shock.

Scientists at Texas Beach Watch are constantly monitoring bacteria levels at beaches, and they'll post warnings and close beaches if the bacteria levels get too high.  Meanwhile to be on the safe side, heed the warnings from the tattoo artists, and avoid the water til the ink spot has had enough time to heal.

Once again, not trying to run a fun summer at some great Texas beaches, but we want to be informed heading in.  Take some sunscreen too, k?

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