A Thousand Horses take fans into their lively concert setting with the "Southernality" video.

Directed by Shaun Sliva, "Southernality" was filmed while the band was opening for Jason Aldean on the We Were Here Tour. The song puts each member of the band — Michael Hobby, Bill Satcher, Zach Brown and Graham Deloach — in the spotlight doing what they do best: performing.

Red Solo cups in hand, the band take the stage as Aldean's opener at the start of the two-and-a-half minute video. Throughout the clip, live footage from their stage show and vivid still images from concert are shown. As frontman Hobby takes the lead while singing the song, guitarist Brown can be seen throwing guitar picks into the crowd. Meanwhile, cell phones are held in the air, illuminating the arena.

“This was a really fun shoot since we got to film most of it in a concert setting,” Hobby says. “Our fans relate to the message of this song and we love getting to show our Southern personalities when we perform.”

The song was written by A Thousand Horses frontman Michael Hobby, Corey Crowder and Neil Mason of the Cadillac Three. "Southernality" is a nod to their Southern roots as the band share how they grew up within the song.

"Laid back, way back simple southernality / Flag flyin’, sun shinin’, red, white, blue and free / Old ball cap, pair of worn out jeans, boots and a buckle that’s how we lean / Laid back, way back simple southernality," they sing on the chorus.

"Southernality" is A Thousand Horses' third single off their debut album of the same name.

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