In a concerted effort to keep the spread of COVID-19 at bay, all Angelina County ISD schools will extend the suspension of normal district operations through April 3rd.  These ISDs include Lufkin, Hudson, Central, Zavalla, Huntington, and Diboll.

In a statement released by the Lufkin ISD, officials make note that "cases are continuing to spread in the state, and an increase in confirmed cases in our county seems likely. Suspending operations for this length of time will allow us to determine, in coordination with local health officials, whether the virus is continuing to have community spread or whether it has been contained.  We are coordinating with other school districts in the county and will use the week before April 3rd to make any decisions on whether there is a need to extend the suspension further.  To provide a sense of possible impact in order to help you prepare:  If there is a need to continue the suspension at that time, it would likely be for at least 3 more weeks beyond April 3rd."

These cancellation of on campus classes should not spur the occurrences of gathering at populated events or places.  The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has outlined the need for all communities to implement a social distancing protocol.

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