I apologize.

Saturday afternoon I was driving the KICKS 105 Truck on Highway 94 and if you were driving next to me you were at the very least perplexed and at the very most bordering on road rage.

Let me explain.

The speed limit on that stretch of Highway 94 is 55 mph.  I usually set my cruise control anywhere between 56 to 59.  Yup, call me a rebel.  Anyway, I pushed the button to set the speed at 58 mph.  However, the reading on the dash showed it had set to 62.  So, I disengaged the cruise control and started again.

I decelerated, then accelerated and set the cruise control to 58.  But, a closer look at the dash and once again t showed my speed set at 62.

Okay...what's the deal?  Let's try it one more time.  Turn off cruise control...decelerate...cars pass me...accelerate...I pass those same cars...I get puzzled and dirty looks from other drivers...set the cruise control to 58.

And once again the dash shows that I've set the cruise at 62!!

I turned on my blinker and made my way to the shoulder of the road.  I decided to do what I do whenever my computer starts messing up...a reboot. I came to a stop, turned the key off, waited a few seconds and started the truck back up.  I merged back on 94 and tried the process one more time.

I sped up to 58, turned on cruise control, set cruise control...and...once again, there's the 62 again on the dash.

Did I mention that it was a pretty Saturday afternoon?  There was some sun peeking through the clouds, it was a little breezy, and the temperature was in the lower 60s, in fact, it was right at 62 degrees.

I wish I could say that I wasn't familiar with the KICKS 105 truck, but I've driven it now for several years.  I wish I could say that I wasn't wearing my glasses, but I was. I wish I had a viable excuse for confusing the temperature read out with the speed read out, but the only one that comes to mind is the same one that my kids pointed out later that night..."You're getting old, Dad".

Yup, getting old in the year 2020...it doesn't get much better than that.

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