The end of school is almost here which means we are about to award an East Texas educator a $1,000 classroom grant with our KICKS 105/Whataburger Teacher of the Day Promotion.  Sometime this week, we will do a drawing from the nominated teachers to see who gets the cash.

Every semester we team up with Whataburger to award an East Texas teacher with a $1,000 classroom grant in our Teacher of the Day feature on KICKS 105.  We ask our listeners to go to our KICKS 105 App or website and nominate a teacher...or two...or more. We then draw from those nominations for our semester winner.

Over the past 5 years, ten teachers have been awarded the $1,000.  Most recently Kim Flores of St. Cyprian's School in Lufkin received the classroom grant.

There are many area teachers who get nominated every semester.  Students, parents of students, co-workers, friends, and families take time to say some wonderful things about these nominated teachers.  We've compiled a list of what was said about nominated teachers so far this Spring semester.

We were not able to find pictures of some of the teachers on their schools' websites.  The first list is made up of those teachers.  The second list includes a gallery of photos of nominated teachers.

Joanna Huckabee - Tenaha

  • Joanna has been such a blessing to our school. She has resurrected our yearbook program with tremendous student participation. Her visual arts (camera/video) class and Tiger Media project have also helped create quite a marketing presence. Her students are so engaged and learn so many new skills. It's refreshing to see a fellow teacher bring such a spark to education.

Kristi Hill - Pineywoods Community Academy

  • She is the sweetest teacher I have ever met. She helped my son when he was having a difficult time in kindergarten. She goes above and beyond what she is supposed to do. Loves all her kids equally

Christen Baize - Dunbar Primary

  • She is a wonderful teacher who has made my son's school year better. She has worked with him and has been helping him with his behaviors.

Tami Muckleroy - Douglass ISD

  • To say Mrs. Muckleroy is an awesome teacher would be an understatement because she is PHENOMENAL!! She devotes her time and dedication to her second-grade class!! She is one of the most loving and passionate teachers I have ever seen!! To have your child be taught by Mrs. Muckleroy would be a blessing beyond measures!! She truly loves her job and it shows in all of her actions!!

Amy Donahoe - Central Elementary

  • My mom has been a teacher my whole life, I’ve got 6 kids in school currently, and of course my own school experience - I know teachers, and a lot of them. Amy Donahoe is one of a kind. The kind that goes well beyond, and then surpasses that, of the expectations of the job. She loves her students - in a “love like Jesus” kind of way. You can count on her. She will invest in your child’s education. More importantly, she invests in your child’s character and heart. It legitimately brings tears to my eyes to speak about what a blessing this lady is to SO many! I’ve unsuccessfully petitioned for her to move up with my daughter through her remaining 9 years in school - ha!

Jennifer Worley - Rains Intermediate

  • Mrs. Worley is flexible, patient, and incredibly kind. She helps so many students as a special education content mastery teacher. Every day is something new and i have never seen her flustered. She’s an amazing person and teacher and I’m blessed to be her coworker!

Marquita Beasley - Brookhollow

  • Ms. Beasley works hard every day to provide her students with a sense of safety, consistency, love, and understanding. She is passionate about education and instills this passion into her students and other students on the campus. Her heart shines bright through not only her word BUT her ACTIONS. She is one of the kindest and sweetest teachers I know. She will help in any way she can. She teaches her students that every day is a brand new day to start fresh.

Melanie Scott - Lufkin Middle School

  • Mrs. Scott is passionate about motivating her students to not only perform academically but to be the best version of themselves. She is kind and loves with a big heart.

Jeff Ashen - Hemphill ISD

  • Coach Ashen reminded me why I love baseball so much. He has been our coach for the past two years, and I hate to see my senior year end just because I will miss him, our team, and baseball so much. He understands our team and focuses on our strengths. He had a really good chance to go to another district and make more money but he decided to stay and be not only our coach but a part of our community. For that, I am forever grateful. He takes interest in our lives not just the part with baseball. Last weekend, he attended our county show on his day off to show his support. I appreciate Coach and his family very much.
  • Coach Ashen brings the love of baseball to the diamond. The boys are excited to go to practice and even more for games. He holds them to high standards and expects them to excel in all areas. He is not just building a baseball team, he is building fine young men.

Kylie Smith - West Sabine Elementary

  • She has been very special to my child throughout her first year of school. She has been an awesome teacher to all of her classes. Mrs. Kylie has made the year very calm for all her children. God has placed her at West Sabine and we were so very lucky for this!
  • She has been amazing for my child. I was worried about the transition to school for my daughter going to Pre-K. My Daughter wants to be just like her. I have seen her grow and it is because of her teacher. I would like to thank Mrs. Smith for coming to be a teacher at West Sabine.

Kristi Myrann - West Sabine Elementary

  • She always goes over and beyond for the kids and staff.

Alex Cloudy - Timpson High School

  • Coach Cloudy is the Head Basketball Coach at Timpson where the Bear clinched the district championship for the first time in over two decades. His love for the students shows up in lifelong connections as former students continue seeking advice from Coach long after their school years. He is a Coach whose teaching goes beyond the court into greater life lessons.

Mia Cloudy - Center Elementary

  • Mrs. Cloudy is such a selfless teacher, giving monetarily and her time to help not only her students but the staff. She has a true passion for educating children and she exuberantly loves them.

Judy McKinney - St. Patrick Catholic School

  • My son has muscle spasms along with a sensory disorder. I was told so many times he needed to be put in a “special” school because “normal” schools aren’t meant for him. That no teacher would comprehend or volunteer to work with my child in a “regular classroom” because he required more attention than others. But we did find one and her name is Mrs. Jusdy. She has gone above and beyond for my child since day one. She fell in love with him and he fell in love with her the second they met. There’s not a day that goes by that I thank God for her. My child is the happiest child and looks forward to school every day and the days that he isn’t at school he misses his favorite teacher and wishes to be with her. All because she not only is the kindest, selfless, most loving teacher with all and any student but she also loves him for who he is and as if he was her own child but she also wants what’s best for him and makes sure that his needs and requirements are met every single day.

Jennifer Evans - Zavalla Elementary

  • Mrs. Evans has taught two of my children. She goes above and beyond for her students. She saved my son’s education. I received calls from the school every day until she got him. She took the time to figure him out and work with him. I haven’t received a bad phone call on him since and he gets straight A’s. She is teaching my daughter now, I can’t brag on her enough. She is not just there for a paycheck. She is there for every single kid she teaches, not just the easy ones!!! Mrs.Evans deserves more than I could ever give her.

Dee Kroll - Douglass High School

  • She not only builds a great math foundation for all our students, but she also builds strong relationships that extend way past our student's graduation. She teaches many of the hardest classes yet continues to be a student favorite every year! This speaks volumes about her character and love for her students.

Susan Conn - Hemphill ISD

  • As a co-worker, she goes above and beyond. She can be found helping kids daily in her classrooms. After school, she coaches softball for a youth team and serves on the athletic booster board. She is always in a concession stand working, helping to organize social media posts, and supporting our kids.

Edwin Buford - Livingston High School

  • He’s Awesome! Over the best Ag department and is always willing to help all his students. It doesn’t matter if it’s showing, welding, class work or more-he’s an Awesome teacher that I appreciate.

Lana Woods - Huntington Intermediate

  • She loves her job so much. She loves her kids and cares about their future. She is an all-around amazing person.

Emily Thompson - Brookhollow (Lufkin ISD)

  • Miss Thompson is a new teacher this year that has stepped up to cover a class after the previous teacher left during the holidays. She has done a tremendous job keeping her students on track and is an absolute treasure to Brookhollow.

Paige Cowart - Onalaska ISD

  • Words can't explain how grateful I am to have such a wonderful teacher to my daughter this year she has gone beyond to help Skylar get through first grade this year and I'm just really thankful for her she is a very extraordinary teacher

Kim Shofner - Troup Elementary School

  • She is an amazing teacher with a heart for her students. She goes above and beyond the duties of the classroom and ensures that her students are able to fulfill their goals and ambitions. Troup ISD is very blessed to have her!

Jeanie Newman - Groveton Elementary

  • All around greatness
  • She is a special education teacher. She teaches each and every child in a way that best helps them. She treats them all as equals and helps them have their voice when they can't. She helps them build their confidence and is always there for them no matter what. It takes a very special teacher to teach someone special and to hear what the child can not say.

April Citrano - Chester High School

  • She is the best Kindergarten teacher we could have ever asked for! She has done so much for not only my daughter but the whole class! She cares so much for her job and her students.
  • April genuinely cares for each and every student in her class as one of her own she is a wonderful teacher and deserves this more than any teacher I can think of.

David Eddings - Hemphill ISD

  • Mr. Eddings goes above and beyond teaching his students about real-life skills. He gives students the opportunity to earn their welding certifications through Angelina. He takes us to welding competitions. He takes the time to research possible trade school routes that students who do not want to go into a 4 year degree plan college might be interested in. He asks us about our future goals and encourages us to find a trade that will benefit our future plans. He has taken me to majors and jackpots for the past 4 years--lots of early mornings and late nights--and he does so because he knows I want to go. He takes a lot of time for his students after school and on weekends. This year he could have retired, but he is doing what is best for the students of Hemphill ISD and staying. The education world needs more teachers like Mr. Eddings.

Jessica Adams - Groveton High School

  • Mrs. Adams is always there for her students, she is always checking on them making sure they’re doing alright. She is my Yearbook teacher and an English teacher. She does so much for our school I think she would be the perfect candidate!

Tod Stark - Hemphill High School

  • Coach Stark is not just a coach he is a motivator for all students in all areas. He gets just as excited about me showing my heifers as he does an athletic event. He is always walking the halls checking on students and their grades. He is pure school spirit. When you hear him you know he is smiling and ready to give 110% and he makes us want to do the same.

Coach Navarro - Lufkin High School

  • Recognizes that each child has different skill levels and takes the time to work with the students to better their golf skills while maintaining teamwork... Keeps the students involved and excited about golf... Still places importance on keeping their grades up and doing work in their other classes, and being good students and citizens

Jessica Wallace - West Sabine ISD

  • She is an awesome math teacher

Katie Yates - Groveton ISD

  • Katie is an outstanding new teacher, with a personality that could light up the world! She is a Groveton Alumni. Although she is newer teacher, she is loved by many students already. She is very energetic and keeps the classroom setting very fun and entertaining.

Lorraine Dugat - St. Cyprian's Episcopal School

  • Mrs. Lorraine goes above and beyond to guide her students’ educational, spiritual, and emotional growth. She has my toddler excitedly spelling words, making friends, and singing while counting. More so, she has my toddler requesting to brush her teeth, working on regulating her emotions, and talking about Jesus. Mrs. Loraine is ingraining a love for learning and school at such a critical time, and it’s so clear to see that she does so with a passion for the kids and her whole heart every day.

Leisa Rogers - Lovelady ISD

  • Leisa goes above and beyond to build relationships with her students. They love and respect her. Leisa spends countless hours making sure her lessons are prepared and assignments graded. She also spends countless dollars to make sure her students have what they need to succeed every year.

Kandace Frick-Vickers - West Sabine Elementary

  • Kandace has been the best teacher a student could ever want. She gives her students daily school lessons and important life lessons. She always has a smile to welcome them and make their day the best

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