'Tis The Season For School Calendar Approval

This is the time of year when numerous area school boards meet to propose and approve the school calendar for the next year.  Many times, the changes from year to year aren't too drastic.

In 2015, the 84th Texas Legislature passed a bill converting the requirement for 180 days of instruction to a minimum of 75,600 minutes. So, as long as the school calendar abides by that, all is good.

Teacher Shortage

When it comes to finding certified and first-rate educators, it has become a very competitive market as of late. The short supply of work staff has hit a multitude of businesses, and that includes the education system.

When this current school year began, you may have noticed most every school district was scrambling to fill numerous teaching vacancies. The issue will likely surface again in the next school year.

Hot for Teacher

A tip of the hat to Van Halen for the song title, but this has nothing to do with students finding their teacher attractive. Rather, this has everything to do with school districts and what they can do to make working in their school system more attractive.

Of course, a bigger salary is a great place to start, but many school districts are not able to add dollars to their budget.

Five Minus One Equals...

If you can't add to the budget to attract teachers, then subtract from the work week. Several school districts in the Deep East Texas area have opted for a four-day school week. Some of those include Corrigan-Camden, Apple Springs, Jasper, and Timpson.

It's a little early to assess whether these four-day incentives are working, but so far the early reports are positive.

Add Another One

Onalaska ISD in western Polk County has now jumped on board the four-day bandwagon. According to the district's website, the Onalaska ISD Board of Trustees approved changing to a four-day school week for the 2023-2024 school year. The finalization will come in February.

Students where will be going to class Monday through Thursday. Classes in Onalaska will start on August 8.

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