For about the past six years, KICKS 105 has teamed up with Whataburger for the Teacher of the Day feature.  At the end of every semester, we head to an area school to surprise a nominated teacher with a $1,000 check to be used for his or her classroom.

This Spring, KICKS 105 and Whataburger awarded our 11th teacher of the ongoing promotion, and this just happened to be the first male educator who has received the award.  On Thursday, May 19, we made our way down the halls of Peavy Primary in Hudson to surprise William Weeks.

Things were a little crazy at Peavy Thursday morning.  It was the final day of school for the students, but it was also the day that several sessions of kindergarten graduations were being held.  So, a special thank you to Principal Laura Mikael and all the staff at Peavy for allowing us to add yet one more event to their table.

Numerous teachers across East Texas were nominated over this past semester.  Many of them were also very deserving of the $1,000 classroom grant.  At the end of every semester, we decide which nominated teachers are the most deserving, and then we randomly draw for the overall winner.

Here are some of the wonderful things said about Mr. Weeks from some of the nomination forms:

Mr. Weeks is the absolute best teacher and mentor I’ve ever met. He is amazing with every student he comes into contact with, and goes above and beyond to help everyone around him. He’s uplifting and ray of sunshine to be around.

Mr. Weeks has without a doubt made an impact on every student that has walked into his classroom, and even students that weren’t in his class! He has been my mentor teacher for the past two years and watching his love for teaching and the effect he has on his students has been such a blessing to see from up close. All of the students in Peavy know Mr. Weeks! That’s just the kind of effect he has. He is loving, helpful, kind, and so caring. I truly believe that he is the best teacher ever!

Mr. Weeks has gone above and beyond to make sure my child has had the best year in 1st grade. He has truly created a love for school in her that I never thought would exist. I have heard from countless moms who have kiddos all the way into middle school about what an impact Mr. Weeks has had on their lives. We are beyond blessed to have had him as my daughter's teacher because we couldn’t agree more. She has thrived in so many ways over this last semester and we are forever grateful. 

Here's a look at all of our $1,000 classroom grant winners over the past six years.

KICKS 105/Whataburger Teacher of the Day $1,000 Winners

Every semester KICKS 105 teams up with Whataburger to award an area teacher a $1,000 classroom grant. Here's a look at the winning teachers so far.

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Teacher of the Day Nominations - Spring 2022

Here are some of the area teachers who have been nominated for the KICKS 105/Whataburger Teacher of the Day. At the end of each semester, one teacher is given a $1,000 classroom grant.

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