Need a "leg up" in your chosen profession?  It's a big help when Daddy is already a "Big Wig".

Alan Jackson is one proud daddy to his three daughters Mattie 20, Ali 17 and Dani 13. Alan jokes that they are also great fodder for his musical career. He says, "They're just creating a lot of heartache for me to write about right now. No, they're all sweet. We don't have much trouble with the girls. All three of them are very creative kids and very smart - it seems like a lot smarter than I was - and they're very musical, all three of them." Jackson's middle daughter Ali may be the one who follows in her dad's musical footsteps. He explains, "The middle one seems like she might be interesting in singing. I'd say if any of the three were to take a shot at one day, it'd be her, because she's always been the entertainer. When she was little, all

those Disney programs and movies would come up, and she wanted to be on the Disney Channel. I said, 'That's fine. I'll try to help you. If you want to go to Orlando and audition, I'll try to help you.' [laughs] But I said, 'I'd encourage you to wait until you're grown to pursue that because a lot of those kids, even if they make it, they're just kid actors, then bam, there's nothing. I'd wait and live my life normal, then try to do something.' I don't know. She might be the one to pursue something."

via Dial Global.

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