👉An Altercation Occurred Thursday on the Central Heights Campus

👉Three Teenagers Have Been Arrested and Charged With Felonies

👉No Injuries Were Reported


The Nacogdoches County Sheriff's Department is reporting that three Nacogdoches County teenagers have been charged in an altercation at a local school that allegedly occurred Thursday.

Angel Moreno and Angel Marcelino Rivera Montelongo, both 18, have been charged with first-degree felonies for engaging in organized criminal activity. They are currently incarcerated at the Nacogdoches County Jail.

A third juvenile suspect is currently in custody at a juvenile detention center on a first-degree felony of engaging in organized criminal activity. Since the suspect is a juvenile, that individual’s name is not being released at this time.

According to accounts, Moreno, Rivera-Montelongo, and the juvenile suspect allegedly threatened another individual with a knife while on campus at Central Heights ISD, located just north of Nacogdoches. The victim’s name is not being released at this time and no injuries were reported.

The altercation between the individuals appears to stem from an earlier, off-campus altercation that is currently being investigated. No information has been given concerning the time of day that the incident occurred, nor if any of the suspects are current students at Central Heights ISD.

As of this posting, no statement has been released from Central Heights Independent School District.

Additional charges are possible in this case, and the investigation into the incident is ongoing. If and when more details are released by the Nacogdoches County Sheriff's Department, we will update this story.

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