Halloween is quickly approaching and that means many youngsters will be going from door to door looking to take in a big haul of candy.  Yup, children love this holiday, however, we parents and adults are always concerned about the things that could go wrong on Halloween night.  

First, there's the traffic.  Hundreds of kids criss-crossing packed neighborhood roads is never a good mixture, especially on a dark night.  Then, there's the prospect of knocking on the doors of numerous strangers.

The Angelina County Sheriff's Department (ACSO) reminds folks that there are currently 282 registered sex offenders in Angelina County, which includes Lufkin, Hudson, Huntington, Zavalla, Central, Diboll and surrounding areas. If you are planning on taking your child(ren) trick or treating door to door this year, The ACSO encourages you to preview the State of Texas Sex Offender Registration website.  This website can search any area in the state, and once you zoom into a certain city or neighborhood, letters representing registered sex offenders will start to populate.  'L' stands for low risk, 'M' for medium, and 'H' for high risk.

This is not to suggest that any and every sex offender has not reformed their life and lifestyle, but as a parent, I would still like to know if a person with a questionable past lives at a certain house before my child knocks on their door.

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