The big event is this weekend! Come support Childrenz Haven,  Polk County’s Child Advocacy Center that provides a safe and neutral environment for children to be interviewed who may have been the victims of sexual or serious physical abuse. By creating such a haven for these children, we protect them from repeated questioning by the various law enforcement groups and we protect those who may be falsely accused. We also serve as a center where law enforcement, CPS and the prosecutors can meet to discuss pending cases, so that no child’s case falls through the cracks.


One of the sadder results of being abused is that many of the victims later become abusers. In order to end this cycle of violence, we need to hire specific personnel. What we hope to do this fiscal year (Sept. 1, 2011 to Aug. 31, 2012) is to raise enough money to keep our forensic interviewer and to hire a trauma-based cognitive behavioral therapist to help these children so that they do not become perpetrators. To do this and to meet other administrative and operational needs, we need to raise $90,000 (that’s $9 for each child in Polk County). So come join us on May 5th for our Bass and Bugs bass fishing tournament and crawfish boil.

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