A Silver Alert has been issued for a missing senior citizen from East Texas.

Silver Alert Details

The Onalaska Police Department is searching for W J Wallace who was last seen around midnight over a week ago. Wallace was seen on foot at 214 West First Street in Groveton, Texas, near the Trinity County Courthouse.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Wallace is diagnosed with a cognitive impairment. He is described as a Black male, 72 years old, and has gray hair and brown eyes. He is 5 feet, 9 inches tall and weighs approximately 190 pounds.

Onalaska PD
Onalaska PD

He was last seen wearing a baseball cap, red long-sleeved shirt, brown jean pants, black socks, and white shoes with a red outline.

Law enforcement officials believe this senior citizen’s disappearance poses a credible threat to his own health and safety. If you have any information regarding this missing senior citizen, contact the Onalaska Police Department at 936-646-5676.

The state's Silver Alert program was created by Texas legislation in 2007, and is designed to notify the public of missing older adults with a documented mental condition.

The below represents Silver Alert criteria for the state's network:

  • Is the missing person 65 years of age or older or been diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease?
  • Does the senior citizen have a diagnosed impaired mental condition, and does the senior citizen's disappearance pose a credible threat to the senior citizen's health and safety?
  • Is it confirmed that an investigation has taken place verifying that the senior citizen's disappearance is due to his/her impaired mental condition, and alternative reasons for the senior citizen's disappearance have been ruled out?
  • Is the Silver Alert request within 72 hours of the senior citizen's disappearance?
  • Is there sufficient information available to disseminate to the public that could assist in locating the senior citizen?

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