Brooke Eden is taking fans inside the life of a rising country singer in Nashville in her new web series Behind the Curtain With Brooke Eden, and in the third episode, she talks about what led to her signing her record deal.

The Florida native flew back and forth to her home state for several years in order to play gigs to earn the money to pursue her musical dreams full-time in Music City, but the break that led to her recording contract was the kind of random thing that only happens in Nashville. She liked Sugarland on Facebook one day, and an ad popped up inviting readers to send in an audition to win a chance to sing with the duo live. Eden submitted a video of herself singing "Baby Girl," and days later she got a call while sitting in a restaurant with her mom, telling her she had won.

"I am such a huge Sugarland fan; I was freaking out," she admits.

She did the gig in her hometown in front of a crowd of people who had supported her own live shows over the years, or in some case grown up with her. "I don't normally get nervous before I go onstage, but I was crying on the side of the stage" before the gig, Eden says.

That video ended up on YouTube, where representatives from Red Bow Records saw Eden's performance.

"It actually helped me land my record deal, so thanks Sugarland, thanks Jennifer and Kristian," she says. "It was awesome."

Eden's debut EP, Welcome to the Weekend, is currently in release from Red Bow Records, featuring her current single, "Act Like You Don't." Another of her songs titled "Diamonds" earned a spot in the TLC series Too Close to Home, and she also sings the title song of the Tyler Perry-produced show. Eden’s "American Dreamin'" appears in the newest X-Men movie, Logan, which opened in March.

The first episode of Behind the Curtain With Brooke Eden talked about the importance of learning to play an instrument, and in the second installment she talked about moving to Nashville. Join us for the final episode next Monday as Eden takes us behind the curtain to discuss finding out who you are as an artist.

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