Sounds like America's workers are phoning it in.

A new survey from the staffing company OfficeTeam has found that employees spend 56 minutes a day using their mobile device for personal business while on the clock in the office. Workers also say they dedicate 42 minutes each day on personal affairs. You add those numbers together and the outlook is grim for a little thing called productivity: more than eight hours a week focused on non-work business.

Three hundred employees and 300 managers took part in the study, so while you may be livid that some cubicle counterparts have ratted you out, keep in mind it is a small sample size and reiterate to your boss that for the love of all things good and profitable you haven't even so much as whispered the word "Twitter," let alone logged in to check it out.

As you may have suspected, younger employees are more likely to take care of their own issues on company time. Those between the ages of 18 and 34 dedicate 70 minutes of time on their mobile devices to personal matters each day at work when they could be doing things like schmoozing at the water cooler, trying to find that leftover turkey sandwich in the back of the office fridge or any other tried-and-true time-wasting activities you could pursue when you should really be working.

Sixty-two percent of managers believe their subordinates use their personal devices to visit a social network, which stands to reason, since 39% of employees say their companies block them.

A total of 58% of employees visit sites on their devices because firms have put the kibosh on accessing them, so we're assuming workers are spending an inordinate amount of time on their phones cruising around Yelp trying to find the perfect place for lunch after having worked up a hunger wasting so much.

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