I just returned from a quick family vacation to South Central Texas.  Every Summer we take the kids to Fiesta Texas in San Antonio and to Schlitterbahn in New Braunfels.  We love all the great water rides, the roller coasters, and much more, but this year, the most entertaining attraction was what is pictured here. 


Yes....that is a Coke machine, located inside Fiesta Texas.  It's located next to the newly refurbished Iron Rattler roller coaster.  So...what made this run of the mill Coke machine so entertaining?  Here's the story:

I'm walking near the machine when I notice my oldest daughter trying her best not to laugh out loud.  She is sitting a few feet away from that Coke machine.  I also notice that there is a lady standing in front of the machine, she is talking on her cell phone.  So, my daughter is eavesdropping on the conversation and later she shares what she heard with me.

The lady apparently dialed the help phone number on the Coke machine...why?  Instead of placing a dollar bill into the slot designated for paper money, she inserted her credit card.  The machine automatically sucked in the credit card, but never spit it back out.

The Coke machine was obviously confused.  No one had ever attempted that before.  And, if the machine was confused, what must have been the reaction of the Coke help desk person on the other end of the phone line?  'Ma'am, you stuck WHAT in the dollar bill taker?...'

We didn't stick around to hear the outcome of this lady's predicament...hopefully, all turned out well for her.  If there ever was a 'Bless Her Heart' hall of fame, she would be the first to be inducted.