For those of you that don't know, July is National Ice Cream Month. And, being in East Texas - or anywhere in Texas, really - you know that ice cream means Blue Bell. Well, on July 1st via Facebook, Blue Bell promised that they would be bringing back some favorite flavors. Today, they started making good on that promise.

As of today, you can now buy Blue Bell Fudge Bars off the the shelves. Here was their post from Facebook announcing the comeback of the Fudge Bars:

Mark Cunningham
via Blue Bell Ice Cream Facebook

I have also seen them at our stores right here in Deep East Texas! I saw them this morning. Now, that doesn't mean that they're still there, now that the word is out, but I'm sure they'll have more soon.

But do you realize what this means? This means that we can draw the conclusion that more novelty items are on the way!

Yes, the regular ice cream is great. I won't argue with you there. But, I'm pretty excited to have the novelty items back. Especially ice cream sandwiches. When it comes to ice cream sandwiches, the other brands just can't stand up to Blue Bell. They still haven't announced the comeback of the sandwiches, but I'm keeping an eye open for it.

So, for now, we'll enjoy the fudge bars, and the regular soft-serve ice cream. If you've gotten your hands on some, let us know in the comments below (bonus points for selfies with them).

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