First, the good news:  Blue Bell has introduced their latest flavor creation.  How about some Red Velvet Cake Ice Cream?  Blue Bell's official write up on their latest flavor goes like this,

"Sweet as cake, smooth as velvet! Our Red Velvet Cake Ice Cream returns to stores beginning today. Red Velvet Cake is a luscious red velvet cake ice cream with pieces of red velvet cake and a cream cheese icing swirl. Available in the half gallon and pint sizes for a limited time."

A special thanks to the our local Blue Bell distributor rep in Lufkin who stopped by and dropped off some samples. (we're glad you didn't see the ensuing fight with plastic spoons)

danny blue bell

Oh yeah, the bad news:  I already have a hard enough time trying to decide which flavors to buy at the store, now, add another delicious, creamy selection to make that choice just a little harder.

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