For months now, Brad Paisley has been hard at work on his new album, the follow-up to 2011′s ‘This Is Country Music.’ After plenty of hours logged in the studio, the award-winning country star already has seven songs confirmed for the album — but this one will be different. Paisley is adamant that this record will hit the shelves with an organic, edit-free sound.

Paisley likes to sing about wearing camo and spending time in the great outdoors, but he isn’t the kind of guy who rests on his laurels. In a recent interview with CMT, he talked about his desire for bringing fans something they haven’t heard from him before.

“I’m always trying to think of things we haven’t done. But luckily, it’s always about music, too,” Paisley says. “As long as you continue to have new songs, there’s usually some new topic or something to present.”

The tracks on the ‘Water’ hitmaker’s forthcoming creation will not only explore new topics, they’ll feature the country crooner’s unedited voice, too. “There are no pesticides. … You look for the label. It just says 100 percent organic, and then you have it,” Paisley says.

“A lot of what you hear on the radio and a lot of what you hear in any form of music right now has both the aid and also the negative part of a computer being involved in a big way,” he continues. “They’ll have a great drum track, and then they’ll make sure the bass hits right now, then the kick drum, and then they’ll make sure that the vocals are tuned. They’ll make sure that everything’s perfect before it hits your radio station. I like that sound. We’ve had a lot of that on records just like everybody else, where you make sure everything is right before it gets out. This time the mode has been: ‘We’re not editing.’ If you hear something on a record, we played it.”

In a world where practically everything molded to perfection, Paisley is excited about putting faith behind his and his band’s musical talents. Even though he’s taking an old-school approach to recording his next album, it sounds like the country star has enjoyed recording music organically, sharing that he and his production team are recording the album “like they used to do it.”

“And the energy to me feels different,” he adds. So far, Paisley and his band have cut 10 tracks. Seven of them will appear on the album, and the other three aren’t for country music fans’ ears — yet.

“It’s seven musicians. It’s the band that you’ll see tonight onstage with me. There are no additional musicians yet, which is really, really fun… You have this picture of what that might sound like, and it’s different than you think,” he hints. “That’s what’s interesting. To me, it’s hard to describe it, but I think it’s going to be really, really cool. I’m at least happy with it.”

Mum’s the word on when Paisley will release the new disc, but we’d imagine that it’d be sooner rather than later, since it doesn’t have to go through the editing process.

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