All of America was on the edge of their seat last night during the Super Bowl power outage -- well, everyone except Brad Paisley. The country superstar used the unexpected game delay to geek out and head to the movie theater to catch up on one of his sci-fi favorites.

“I turned it off. Once the power went out, I actually went to a movie. I was the only one there," Paisley confesses during an interview with radio station K102's Wake Up Crew. "I went to go see ‘The Hobbit’ because I have wanted to see it and never have had three hours over the last couple of months."

He adds, "Nothing is geekier than skipping the Super Bowl and going to 'The Hobbit.'"

The self-proclaimed nerd was certainly in good company, striking up a conversation with the concession stand attendant who shared in the singer's fascination with anything science fiction.

“I got into a discussion with the kid selling me popcorn. He said, ‘Is that a Star Wars shirt man?’" Paisley recalls. "He can see just like two letters on my shirt that is under my coat. I told him it was and he said, ‘Man, how geeky are we that I can tell it is a Star Wars shirt by just two letters?'”

Paisley should probably cherish his downtime, considering he is in the final production stages leading up to the release of his ninth studio album, 'Wheelhouse.' The country superstar admits that the creative process was a bit different with this project compared to any of his previous releases.

“That is where a man named Bob Ludwig works who is one of the best mastering engineers the world has ever seen," he explains in regards to mastering 'Wheelhouse' in Maine. "We just decided to do it a little differently this time and go up and use him."

"I really wanted this (album) to have as little of a ‘typical stamp’ on it as possible. That is one way we changed it up and it was worth it. He is a brilliant guy," shares the singer.

'Wheelhouse' is expected to hit store shelves and digital retailers on April 9. The project's lead single, 'Southern Comfort Zone,' gave Paisley a career-high debut at No. 25 last year and is currently No. 5 and climbing on Billboard's Country Airplay chart.

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