Brett Eldredge's new single "The Long Way" is sure to become a popular wedding song. Delicate verses describe a first impression that's different than most before his chorus paints a picture of true love.

The currently single country singer's heart aches for that something similar. This is his most convincing love song yet, with Eldredge seemingly drawing from missed opportunities and loves he's witnessed elsewhere to add details to a beautiful story. Vivid colors pop like fireworks as each lyric is artfully delivered.

"The Long Way" may end up becoming the best love song of 2017 — it's certainly one couples who are already married will wish they had to been able to consider for their first dance. Eldredge's new self-titled album (available now) is filled with love and love-lost songs, but none are as hopeful as "The Long Way."

Did You Know?: Eldredge's parents have been married for nearly 40 years!

Listen to Brett Eldredge, "The Long Way"

Brett Eldredge's "The Long Way" Lyrics:

Don’t think I’ve ever seen your kind of pretty / Wandering round this midnight madhouse city / You got a look that says you’ve got it all together / So if you don’t mind, I’d like to know you better.

Take me the long way around your town / Were you the queen with the silver crown / I want the secrets you keep / The shine underneath of the diamond I think I just found / Take me the long way around.

I’d love to see just where your daddy met your mama / Your hand-me-down 99 Impala / Show me the field you danced in clovers / The harvest in October / When the leaves fall from the sky just like a Sunday drive.

Didn’t think tonight when I walked in / I’d be falling for somewhere I’ve never been.

Take me the long way around your town / Were you the queen with the silver crown / I want your red blushing stories / Your faults and your glories / That made you who you are right now / Take me the long way around / Take me the long way around.

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