Incomplete timesheets are a headache for business managers.  Employees have a bad tendency to wait until the last minute to fill them out or just forget to enter hours and then hope the manager will allow them to bump up the hours on the next timesheet.

When nasty e-mails and face to face confrontations don't solve the problem, what's the next step?

How about free beer?

An advertising agency in Chicago, Colle + McVoy, built and installed a system that serves up a free glass of beer whenever someone fills their timesheet out to completion.  And according to a UPI report, the results have been a dream come true for the business managers.

The Tapserver has several different spigots ready to serve cold draught beer, but the cold brew only flows when the computer recognizes that you have entered all your hours.  No word yet as to whether the agency will market their new device.



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