Caylee Hammack's "Preciatcha" video shows off her infectious groove that's sure to get fans singing and swaying along.

"Preciatcha, every time you made me cry / Preciatcha, even how you said good-bye / Cut me deep, cut me loose / Cut me out like a piece of paper / But it taught me that isn't love / So how can I hate ya?" sings Hammack with an R&B-influenced, soulful tone. "Preciatcha / I, I preciatcha."

Hammack's "Preciatcha" video showcases the "Family Tree" singer's emotions as she dances around and sings in the countryside, against a mountainous backdrop, while donning a pink dress. The clip then cuts to Hammack singing while walking down an abandoned road, and then flashes to her singing in an abandoned drive-in movie theater.

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“My mother once told me that every hand you hold is a lesson or a blessing,” Hammack says in a press release. “If you find good love, you hold on to it. If you find something else by accident, learn what you must from that experience and move on. ‘Preciatcha’ is about searching for a silver lining in a storm. It’s my song for the broken hearts that deserved better but didn’t get it.”

Hammack co-wrote and co-produced "Preciatcha" with Laura Veltz and Jordan Schmidt. She is currently finishing up her supporting role on Trisha Yearwood's Every Girl Tour before kicking off 2020 by performing at a number of festivals, including Stagecoach and Tortuga.

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