Chase Rice's "Eyes on You" video shows his romantic side, and it seems effortless.

The song tells the story of a guy so in love that he can't seem to look at anything else but his man girl, despite all of the other beauty that might be around him. This storyline perfectly plays out in the video, with Rice's eyes locked on a beautiful leading lady.

Chase Rice, Spice Girls Fanatic?!

"This is the song I’ve been waiting my whole career for," Rice says in a recent press release. The song has been streamed millions of times before even going to country radio. "We knew as soon as we wrote ‘Eyes on You’ that it was going to be special, and our fans have confirmed that with the way they’ve been reacting at the live shows and streaming it like crazy online."

Not so fun fact? This is the video Rice was shooting when he tore his pectoral muscle earlier this year. These days, Rice is as good as new and currently out playing shows across the country on his Lambs & Lions Tour. Come fall, the former NASCAR pit crew member will head to the United Kingdom for more tour dates.

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