When Keith Urban is feeling musically inspired, he won't stop at anything to get just the right sound he's after—as evidenced in a photo shared on Instagram by his wife, Nicole Kidman, who caught the singer recording a banjo track in an unlikely place.

Yes, Urban is playing in what we colloquially call the john. Wipe those smirks off your faces—apparently there's a good sonic reason for this.

"Whatever it takes to get the right sound when you’re recording," observes Kidman. "Nothing like the acoustics in a hotel bathroom."

Kidman may be posting the photo for fun, but as a creative herself (she's an Oscar-winning actress), she is no doubt unfazed by her husband's determination to achieve precisely what he has brewing in his mind. They've been married for 12 years now, so at least she is used to it!

It's this dedication to the craft that makes him also so popular with fans, of course—and helps him reliably pack venues on tour (he's currently out on the road with Kelsea Ballerini). The former American Idol judge will also be returning to reality TV in September, when he joins Blake Shelton's coaching team as an advisor for Season 15 of singing competition The Voice.

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