Chris Cagle is two different people...and he wouldn't have it any other way.

When he takes the stage, Cagle is still unmatched in the energy and firepower he puts forth in a concert, but when the lights come down, he's back to the low-key husband and father that he loves to be.  Cagle finds great comfort in the ranch in Oklahoma that he built nail by nail, and in 2010 with the birth of his daughter, he views life quite his own words:

'she made me want to be better at everything. Period. I’ve never cared enough about myself to take responsibility for my faults; she made me man right up.'

This Saturday night, KICKS 105 and Metro PCS are proud to present Chris Cagle in concert along with Dustin Lynch at the Expo Center in Nacogdoches.

Gates will open at 7, Lynch will start the show around 8, and Cagle will come on around 9.

If  you'd like to win tickets just leave a comment below and you'll be in Thursday morning's drawing.

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