Chris Young fans will soon have a finished album to look listen to, according to the artist. He has said the record just has a few finishing touches before it’s ready to be sent to press.

“I’m actually finishing up vocals right now on the back half of the record. The record’s pretty much done,” he shares (via the Boot). Co-produced by Young and buddy/producer Corey Crowder, the album, he says, will be a bit of a shift from his previous one.

“‘Losing Sleep’ is obviously the first single. It’s kind of different; if you look at the production style, what me and Corey did in the studio, it’s a little bit different from the last project. But there’s a wide variety of sounds and songs on this record,” Young explains.

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“There’s a summer thing that’s kind of a play off of an R&B groove, that’s got a lot of steel guitar and a lot of electric that play back and forth in a call-and-response thing," he adds. "There’s a really big piano ballad that’s one of my favorite things that I got to sing on the record.”

Don’t worry, though, diehard Young fans: he says it’ll still be true to his country roots.

“I feel like in some of the ways that I handle vocally what I do, a lot of it is that I have a lot of other influences that were jazz, that were kind of true R&B. So a lot of that blends into some of my delivery,” he says. “And then, a lot, we’ll take a song, especially in the writers’ room, but at the end of the day, I put my voice on anything, it’s country. I don’t think anybody’s getting confused about what my voice sounds like.”

The full album flows well but incorporates all those different influences, he says, creating something that feels fresh but keeps his style intact — particularly with “Losing Sleep.”

“I think there’s just a lot of different grooves that’s really the basis of each one of these songs, and why we picked everything that we picked for this project. But they all do marry well together,” he adds. “I don’t know if everything sounds exactly like “Losing Sleep,” but we liked that it was a little bit different. That’s why we picked it as the first single.”

Young’s most recent album was hugely successful for the artist, which can often create some pressure for the follow-up to be even better. His fourth studio record, I’m Comin’ Over produced three No. 1 singles for Young, including “Think of You,” a duet with Cassadee Pope that earned him a Grammy nomination. He says he’s not sweating it though.

“I’m never going to complain about an album’s being successful,” Young shares. “Each one of them are so different from one another. They’re really snapshots in time of where you are at the moment, as a vocalist, as a songwriter, as a producer, and, kind of, what you’re feeling, what you need to say. So I think each one of them can kind of stand on their own.

“Do you always look at how successful the last one was, and hope you can top it? Of course,” he continues. “I was just so proud of everything that happened with the whole album.”

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