There's no debating it: Luke Bryan is one of country music's hottest stars. From his pearly white smile down to his dance moves, boyish charm and fun demeanor, the "Drink a Beer" singer is always sexy, sexy, sexy!

Obviously, the Georgia native is most known for his incredible talent, but his pelvic thrusts and his silly sense of humor are worth noting, too. And we've tried to pinpoint all that is sexy about the star singer in this collection of photos, titled 10 Times Luke Bryan Was Really Sexy. Know that it was tough to narrow it down to just these — the selection is endless! He's sexy in a sleek suit. He's sexy when he jumps into a pool with all of his clothes on. He's really sexy when he flexes ... We could go on and on, but instead, you should just check out the gallery above.

You Think You Know Luke Bryan?

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